When a product comes out, it should be has already went through many stage before consumer purchase it. These stages are not only the research process in the laboratory but also the testing process. During the process of experiment, we will found many problems that we should altered before we produce the final product, after the problems have been fixed, a series of product information will come out then it will be pass through to the QC department. QC department is to check the whether the single ingredients are match with the products that we will produce.

Check those single ingredients' preserve time is within 3 months or not.
After pass the stage 1, then check whether those single ingredient are match with the products identification.
Transfer those ingredients into the factory to the product area, and start to produce within 3 days. During the producing, the staff will take one sample in every single process to the QC staff and check whether it is match with the identification to make sure that whether can pass to the next stage or not.
Filled in. Before we filled in the products, the bottle/case should be checked by QC staff. Then, QC staff will supervise the whole process in this stage.
Package. After the material have already filled in into bottle, it should be typed with producing date and the preserve time inside of the cover case. (If there is not cover case, the date will be scanned on the heat shrinkable film). Then after finished packaging, the producing date and preserve time should be scanned on the cover case again, then put the products into the box. Finished all the stage, then we can sale the product in the market.