Back to our president, during his studying time, he went to school at night and during the daytime he did the business with his father of the skin care, cosmetic products. However, they still cannot did the business outstanding. May reasons might be the management, marketing strategy problems, or even the competition of foreign company's products quality and also the financial issue that other country are better than our local companies. Therefore, Mr. TSENG found that if our local companies want compete with foreign company which market in Taiwan, our products should be unique, have differentiation, and also the company should be innovation. This means we should use our resources what we have but they do not. For example, we use cheap croppers to extract. This is because in our traditional ways, croppers usually used in producing in foods products, however, some plants cannot preserve for a long time, so some croppers will be disposal. Therefore we take those plants to extract then add them into shower and skin care products, through this way, the preserve time can be last longer and also this can create higher subordinate benefits. From 2000 to 2002, Ming Jian Hsiang Farmer's Association's sales volume increased rapidly to earn the total revenue of NT$65,000,000 because of our products, in addition, there are some other countries start to order our products. It is obviously that we create a new trend in the shower products market.

After CHIAN - CHIAN GINGER series product have been grown up rapidly, in 2000, Taiwan's news media start to report on our company which is the first company take those plants and croppers to extract then produce those shampoo, shower and skin care products, thus, it created an extremely popular issue in the market. After that, other shampoo companies start to follow us producing ginger shampoo, shower and skin care products or even imitate our products try to complicate the consumer. Still other companies buy the fragrance from foreign fragrance company then add in the products rather than added the ginger extract, for this, those products which are not added by ginger do not have the really function and also will give consumer a bad image. Compare to our company, we belief that if we want to have a products which are in a good quality but not expensive cost, one thing we can do is to research consistently, this is the belief that all the factories should have.