JINGLEDYE COSMETICS CO., LTD has 44 years experience of manufacturing cosmetics products since 1965. The first generation of this company was named ZHAUNG MEI, which was famous on producing foundation (including press powder and base lotion), lipstick… etc. Then in 1991, the name of the company has been changed to JINGLEDYE COSMETICS CO., LTD by the second generation president Mr. Ying - Chin Tseng. After Mr. Tseng take over the company, he always seeking the new ways and makes some innovation to level up the quality of the products and extracted technology.

The company produce vary kind products of hair salon, body cleansing and skin care… etc. Especially for the herbal extracted products, such as ginger, bamboo, green tea and Yam Sodium Hyaluronate. Due to those products were manufactured by natural herbal, producing these products will not cause any environmental pollution but good for our skin and raise the economic benefits to the whole society.
Finally, JINGLEDYE COSMETICS CO., LTD welcomes other company to visit and we are glad to OEM and ODEM to make more benefits by the cooperation.

Our company has OEM for many motels and hotels which are at least 3 stars.
The way of our company's ODM & ODM are variable, we hope other companies can visit us to cooperate and discussing together to create more opportunity and benefits.

SHOWER- shampoo, body wash, conditioner, soap SKIN CARE- facial cleansing, make up remover, toner (no chemistry), lotion, serum, moisturized cream, mask (wash off/ cotton pad) FRAGRANCE- essence oil, perfume, Reed diffusers COSMETICS- eye shadow, foundation powder, blush, mascara